January 9-15, 2017
Twenty-four contracts were signed last week at $4 million and above, but here’s the big headline: That makes 50 contracts signed in the first two weeks of 2017, tying 2014 as the best start of a new year since we started keeping score 11 years ago.

The No.1 contract was the Penthouse at 10 Sullivan Street, asking $27.5 million, which Bloomberg had reported to be in contract for $25 million. The new condo has 5,503 square feet including 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 2 powder rooms, and terraces totaling 1,378 square feet. The apartment features a living room with over 20-foot ceilings and a roof terrace. It was originally 8,400 square feet, asking $45 million, and the developer decided to carve it into 2 units. The other penthouse remains for sale at $10 million for 3 bedrooms with 2,950 square feet.

The No. 2 contract ...


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